Tuc-tuc Drivers and Parades

It was the kind of peace that only comes with printed words and soft pages
regardless of the insistent beeping in the background;
though what could possibly be so exciting?
This was a town where nothing happened for the majority of the time,
breaking trend only for a seemingly sporadic series of marches around town,
each one taking far too long considering there were only five streets north and east.
And oh how the banging aroused itself up and into the air
where it would hang like a cloud, for days at a time,
mixing sourly with the chirping of birds
and coming rain.
But we were in the rest of the year,
when the town sat dormant,
and the only sounds being the laughter of young children,
who for an unapparent reason,
had been unfortunate enough to escape the shackles of public education,
and the sound of an occasional overexcited tuc-tuc driver.



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